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Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 6: Ciudad del Este

Holaaa, Everyone!

     Hope everyone is doing well. This week wasn't super eventful but still a good week. It was cold and then hot and then cold and hot... the weather here changes super fast; it's crazy. And it did rain allll day Thursday and walking through the mud and rain was... I guess fun in a way haha. Almost slipped about 100 times. 

     But we have some good people that we are teaching at the moment. I'm thinking my current companion is going to get transferred this Wednesday and I'll get a new one. But unfortunately we don't find out till the day of.. So I'll miss him, but life goes on! 

     This past Saturday and Sunday was General Conference, and for anyone that's reading this who is unfamiliar with the church I attend, it's a big conference in Utah where the prophet and 12 apostles and a bunch of other people speak to the whole church and everyone in it about all sorts of things. So that was really cool to watch that through a satellite broadcast. Also a nice break from walking around all day haha! But it was really good!

     But some funny stuff that happened.. so we unplugged our refrigerator to plug in a fan and forgot to plug it back in.... so when we got home that night, our floor was covered in water, and our refrigerator didn't smell so great. And the same night I went to the bathroom and thennnnn realized we didn't have toilet paper.... and theeeeennnnn as I was trying to decide what to do while in the bathroom, I discovered our cockroach problem as a few scurried across our bathroom floor... haha! It sounds terrible, but for some reason it's just kind of funny that all that stuff happened in the same night. I'm convinced that during the mission and while serving the Lord, bad stuff happens, but it's really not all that bad. I'm still having a great time. I feel like if I was just here as a regular person, I would not be enjoying myself, but since I'm preaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people develop their faith, it's a cool experience and that's really what the gospel does, makes people happy even when they're experiencing things that are not so happy. But yeah! I'm doing well and hope all of you are as well. Talk to you soon!

Elder Roberts

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