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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 7: Ciudad del Este

Hello Everyone!

     I don't have too much time this week, so I'll have to make it short. Sorry! But hopefully everyone is doing well. The weather was actually superr nice this past week, but it's going to start getting reallly hot.. not looking forward to that haha. Supposedly it gets up to 110 or 115... with humidity. Ahh, so yeah. The seasons are switched around,so December through March is summer. 

     But.. I'm doing well, always learning new Spanish words and phrases and always trying to talk to people. It's pretty weird to go up to people in the street and start talking to them in Spanish but really cool because I couldn't do that 2 months ago. I always feel like I don't know very much but then I compare it to how much I knew 3 months ago and it's pretty weird haha. But yeah same old same old, walking around talking to people, teaching people and helping people. I helped a lady for a few hours this past week build her house, well part of it haha so that was fun. But I'll talk to you all next week! 

Elder Roberts

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